Imposition of the national HE pay award

Briefing note for members

Our employer has decided, without consultation with the joint unions, to pay you and other staff at our university the employers’ proposed pay offer.



An increase in pay is of course always welcome.  However, this increase is a cynical attempt by your employer to undermine our national pay dispute and try to get you not to VOTE YES FOR STRIKE ACTION

Let’s be clear: the HE unions did not agree this. The university decided to impose it.

This year the employers have offered a lower percentage for many people than last year. So the extra money that goes into the bank account will be a pittance: a 1.8% increase for those earning more than £22,659 with a slightly higher percentage for the lower paid.

The increase certainly won’t match rising food bills, increased travel costs and rising housing payments.

It is well below inflation – particularly the Retail Price Index, which we believe is the best measure for showing price increases.



We will not ask the employer to withdraw the increase – we view it as ‘payment on account’.  On account for a decent pay award that you and other staff deserve.

UNISON and other unions are going to continue to fight for a better increase and we need you with us.

Don’t get misled by employers claiming pay is settled.

When you receive your ballot paper – if you want a decent pay increase UNISON urges you to