Nicole Garnier

Role: Branch Chair; Workplace Steward (Academic Dept)

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Pete Mills

Role: Assistant Branch Secretary

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Claire Taplin

Role: Branch Treasurer

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Alison Cummerson

Role: Education & Lifelong Learning Co-ordinator; Workplace Steward (Library Services)

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Neill Roberts

Role: Equalities Officer

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Vhon Barrett

Role: Health and Safety Officer

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Ewan Rodgers

Role: Communications Officer

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Jamie Green

Role: Membership Officer; Workplace Steward (Research Centre)

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Chris Hunt

Role: Welfare Officer

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Mary Wells

Role: Women’s Officer

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Paul Whitehouse

Role: Disability Officer; Pensions Champion; International Officer

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Anthony Anegbeh

Role: Workplace Steward (Cleaning Services)

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David Makanjuola

Role: Workplace Steward (Cleaning Services)

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Kafayat Mustapha

Role: Workplace Steward (DTS)

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David Blake-Faggiani

Role: Workplace Steward (APD)

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